Sarah’s new offce rules!

Sarah’s NEW office rules

• You do not eat McDonalds at my desk, I don’t care if I’m not here I can still smell it… this causes extreme problems since I can’t say no to fries!

• Please don’t mention chips and queso between the hours of 10-2!

• If you drink Dr. Pepper please don’t leave the can on my desk, even if it’s empty, it’s still a cruel joke.

• If I’m crying all food rules are off. I’ll take chocolate or fried chicken but no Dr. Pepper or Tea.

• If you see me drinking something besides water, knock it out of my hand, accidently spill it, or something of that matter!

• If you need a favor I can be bribed with low calorie snacks

• I need at least 20 mins notice if you are getting fried chicken or pizza. That’s enough time for me to clear out. But please don’t eat it at my desk, crumbs have calories too!

Thanks for helping my work environment a better place