It’s been a while…

Wow! Has it really been 9 months since I’ve last blogged. I was going to title this 9 Months but figured that might give people the wrong idea ūüėČ

I’m¬†currently looking out the window at work thinking about life. My brain is firing on all cylinders these days so I figured it was time to come back to my trusty blog. I should update it but don’t even know how or where to begin on that front, so if you have suggestions feel free to comment.

So an update is in order.


I now live in Lacey Washington. I absolutely love it here except for the one way streets and a few annoying roundabouts. I work as a receptionist at an Animal Emergency and Specialty Hospital.
I have a boyfriend. In fact Steven is the reason I moved down here….which was a crazy big step but the right one for sure.


I feel that if I say “I’m quite stable and think we found the right combination of medicine” things will go haywire so I just won’t say that. This past summer during whirlwind that was my heal I had my IUD removed. It was originally placed while in Australia to help with my PCOS. Slowly as the days, weeks, and months have gone by I’ve seen some of the fog clear away. While I still struggle with Depression, my mood swings, rage and emotional outburst have decreased significantly.



When gluten is not in my system I feel great. I wish I could say I’m 100% gluten free and following the AIP diet still, however that isn’t the case. I am trying though. I’m learning how to listen to my body and understand triggers, pain and fatigue though so that’s a plus.



I emailed today and requested information about tap and ballet classes for adults so that should be fun.

While I’m the happiest I’ve been in a very long time its still hard to be in a new place. Making new friends is more nerve racking for me as an adult than it was in Jr. High. I’m currently looking for a new Church down here and hoping to find community soon. I’m hoping to blog more as I navigate through life down here. I should say up here since the majority of my readers are from the South but oh well. I have my eyes on a few 5k’s and we all know that my little black rain cloud keeps things interesting!