Inches LOST

I cried myself to sleep last night because all I wanted was a cheeseburger. I settled for some broccoli.

Woke up this morning and did my Friday morning Measurements. I figure I can do them every Friday so if I gain, I can’t be too depressed because it’s Friday! I was running late so I figured I’d wait until I got to work to plug them into my spreadsheet. Much to my surprise it said I’ve lost

8.5 in.   On top of my 6.5 last

I can not sit still and just want to run around the dealership screaming “I’ve lost some inches” like a crazy person.
Neck-.5 – (most excited about this one lets be real. my chins need to go)


Some of you must be like WOW that’s so much in such a short period of time ect… I’ve got a TON of inches to loose. Plus some are from random not so noticable spots. I can see my face changin. I can tell some of my clothing is fitting better but I have a long long ways to go! I will hit a plateau soon and this will be a battle!

 For now I’m going to rejoice and when the day comes that I stop loosing I will just work harder!

Its funny because its true!

Inches lost and other ramblings

I woke up super early with every intention to start week 2 of couch to 5k, until I stood up and felt my ankle. Everyone keeps telling me to listen to my body! Well my body tells me that it needs a giant Vanilla Cream dr.pepper and a Pizza so I’ve been trying to completely ignore my body.

Instead of running I did some kind of awkward yoga on one leg, I guess I just watched the video and did the arms.

I’ve been praying a lot about my healthiness journey and what to and not to blog about. I feel like this is a roller coaster just like my life. I don’t want to be lost 6 lbs, gained 9 lbs, lost some inches, gained some inches but that’s what it is. Its going to be a roller-coaster. I’m going to cheat. In fact I had a yoo-hoo this morning. Its 99% caffeine free and I feel incredibly guilty. The other night I also had a whole chicken fried steak plus taters, corn, and an appetizer. Granted I went home and burned off enough calories to stay under my daily limit but still. I carry around too much guilt for this junk. Besides that I’ve eaten at home and way under my calorie count all week. My aunt and I have had a gallon of Ice cream in our freezer for a few weeks now! GO US!
I feel like if I’m going to do this I might as well share everything.(maybe one day I’ll  put before and after pics) God is really showing me so much on this journey. I know some of you don’t care or are tired of hearing about it but its about all that’s going on right now. Work, Church (which I’ve found one I LOVE), and my quest for health.

so with that being said, last week after getting on the scale and seeing that I had gained 9 lbs I FREAKED and was so discouraged. The next day I went and got a tap measure and decided measurements were the only way to go.  So This week I dont know if I’ve lost or gained but….


-3 inches from my bust
-2.5 from my waist
-1 from my thigh

I didn’t meausre my neck or arms… now I kinda wish I did!

In other not so exciting news, my emotions have been running in a world of their own this week. One min I’m fine and the next crying. Today I’ve cried over 1% caffeine intake, my ankle, not having any mail, not being able to find a strange beeping in my car, along with  other things.I think its the weather! (dark and stormy)

After writing this I feel somewhat better. I think admitting to everyone that my efforts weren’t for nothing this week may have helped. I’m praying  that by helping my physical self my mental health will improve also. Im enjoying going for a walk/run/jog when I get upset or overwhelmed! which is often lately, so No, I’m not a workout beast, just an emotional one!

I guess that’s all for now, they are playing a saxophone very of “easy like Sunday morning” up front and it has me completely relaxed. 🙂