Chronic Illness

I decided to get serious about sharing my experiences after a few trips to the ER with chest pain. Finally, after a full 48 hrs of scary symptoms and no help from the ER, my personal Dr said “ oh this sounds like ….. didn’t anyone tell you that comes along with Fibro?

Honestly NO!

No one really told me anything besides exercise and turns out it was making things worse for me at the time. The majority of what I’ve learned has come from my own research. Here we are almost two years later and I’m still finding out things about my health.

The number one thing I’d encourage you to do after being diagnosed, (with anything) is to take the time to learn and educate yourself. Research!!!!! Learn your illness front and back so you can be armed with information and questions for your healthcare provider. Reach out to people who have gone through similar experiences to get ideas about how to better your health. I’ve included some of my favorite resources below!

From this point on its a marathon, not a sprint, make sure you have a good team around you.