Inches LOST

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I cried myself to sleep last night because all I wanted was a cheeseburger. I settled for some broccoli.

Woke up this morning and did my Friday morning Measurements. I figure I can do them every Friday so if I gain, I can’t be too depressed because it’s Friday! I was running late so I figured I’d wait until I got to work to plug them into my spreadsheet. Much to my surprise it said I’ve lost

8.5 in.   On top of my 6.5 last

I can not sit still and just want to run around the dealership screaming “I’ve lost some inches” like a crazy person.
Neck-.5 – (most excited about this one lets be real. my chins need to go)


Some of you must be like WOW that’s so much in such a short period of time ect… I’ve got a TON of inches to loose. Plus some are from random not so noticable spots. I can see my face changin. I can tell some of my clothing is fitting better but I have a long long ways to go! I will hit a plateau soon and this will be a battle!

 For now I’m going to rejoice and when the day comes that I stop loosing I will just work harder!

Its funny because its true!

In progress
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