5.5 down and other junk

I’m surprised I lost weight this week. .
I’m down 5.5 lbs since last Friday and another 3 inches.

 Not as many inches as before but I’ll take what I can get.
 According to myfitnesspal I’ve lost total 17 lbs since I started this journey a few months ago.
I went to another barre3 class last night. I got home and was ready to eat my feelings of worry and sadness away. Lucky for me there was an evening class and I sweat away the emotions. I was proud of my decision not to order a pizza and sit on the couch alone with the dogs and DVR. I can hardly move today but YAY because it hurts so good.

Change is happening all around me. I start a new part time job on Monday which im super excited about. I could use the extra prayers in job and money land though. Gods plan is always greater than mine but still.
Maybe next week if I get to down 20 lbs I’ll post some pictures… but then again….

Everything I have to say at the moment isn’t blog appropriate ( rants) or just total debby downer so I’m gonna focus on the good. Another week of lost weight/inches!

I’m ready for mothers day but I miss my mommy.

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