Hey everyone!
So it’s about 10 pm here I’m sitting in the park stealing Internet lol.

So here are some random facts

Look right when you cross the road here!

Dr pepper is expensive

God is good all the time

I walk everywhere,

I’ve now lost 15lbs- yay but I know my body will calm down

God has put some mega awesome peeps in my life!

Jealousy is the same no matter where you are from

I miss steak

I would kill for some sweet tea- don’t say make some because it taste different – yes I’ve tried!

I’ve only cried twice-

The fact that they don’t ALLOW you to date makes the wife and husband hunting worse I think!

I’m one of the only people here who can’t play an instrument- but that’s okay

We audition on Friday

I’m still one of the guys- though I got told I cleanup nice

Dr pepper is 3$ a can and I’d rather eat so they won’t be as close as a friend as they have been!

I can’t pronounce one of my friends names, actually I can’t pronounce slot of things

I miss hugs, like I just need a bear hug

I think you should get the new hillsong album beautiful exchange

I’m really typing of this so I can clear my head!

God is growing me and shaping me in new ways each day. It’s hard for me to explain to everyone at home what kind of journey I’m on!

Love and miss you all but I know that this is my home for awhile!

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