A childrens Story

Sarah went TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH so she could have LOVE TEAR DOWN THE WALLS around her heart :)- a Childrens Story

Once upon a time lived a girl named Sarah.
She had a friend ( just a friend) named Jordan and they liked Hillsong.

She stole some music from his computer and put it on a CD which Jordan named Sarah’s Future… It was a nice CD full of songs she liked to listen to and enjoyed singing, but that was about all. Sarah loved to sing but she thought she wasn’t good enough to sing songs like that…..

Jordan got ask to sing a song in his church service and asked Sarah to help out. The song was called “to the
ends of the earth” ( also on Sarahs future CD) Sarah silently sang prayed those lyrics over and over again…..

Later Sarah got her own music and wanted Jordan to listen to it. A song called “Tear down the walls” sparked a conversation ( she doesn’t remember the exact convo but just that it took place) anyways there is a line that says “Let Love Tear Down These Walls” in the middle of the converation/car ride Sarah silently prayed that God would tear down her walls, she had alot of them…….

God sent Sarah to the ends of the Earth, she is now in Sydney Australia studying at Hillsong International Leadership College.
She auditioned with a song from her “Sarahs Future” CD.

She got really really sick and had to have surgery far away from home and most of the songs on that CD meant something different but comforted her just the same.

She was in a church service last night and they sang “tear down the walls” full of tears and joy she praised her Lord because he had torn down some walls she just hadn’t realized it…….

God had given her everything shes prayed for, sang, declared, ect…. all in His own time and His own way.

I’m learning more about God putting people in our lives at specific times and planting seeds and giving us small glimpses into out future. Jordan wasn’t the only one who has helped me on my journey by any means but hes played a big part in it. God used Jordan and Casey and Jim to remind me I had a voice at different times in different ways. A gift from the Lord that I should use to Glorify him!

Last night standing there worshiping to that stupid song I was so overcome with Joy. it had been so long I’d forgotten I had ask God to help break some walls down but he didn’t forget, hes slowly been molding me and shaping me all along

God Knew and he Knows

He knew from the moment I stepped on that plane that this would be a HELLISH semester………but He also knows that its just for a Season and that I can handle it with him guiding the way. His arms haven’t left me and never will for that matter.
People keep telling me that satan was so scared that he just threw everything at me and attacked and still is… well you know what he should be scared.

Because I’m Sarah and I’m a beautiful, strong, confident warrior of the Lords and I can do anything with Christ because he strengthens me.

Jordan doesn’t know but Sarah is in the process of making a Jordans Future CD… We’ll see what happens 🙂

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