A woman your size shouldn’t be trying to run anyways…- Health Update

So I woke up early and couldn’t sleep so I decided to go work on my “couch to 5k” in the park.
I was doing good until about the 4th time to run……

Then I felt it…. the horrible pain ive felt a few times before and new something was wrong.
If any of you have ever had a cyst rupture you know it feels like someone set a bomb off then lit your Baby Maker on fire. Well after all the drama my baby maker and I went through last semester I was no a happy camper. After I got up off the bench I collapsed on I STOMPED home. I was so mad.

I ‘m Sick of this
I’m going to miss class
I can’t afford the dr
Why am I even in this strupid country
why can’t we just take it out?
Lord what is is deal?
So then I crawled back in bed to wait it out. I really didn’t want to talk to anyone and I had a few hours until the dr’s office opened. I just laid there and prayed. 
The dr confirmed what I already knew had happened.
A ruptured cyst… maybe if they keep blowing up they would disappear but sadly it doesn’t work that way!
The best part of the whole day was when he said….
“a woman your size shouldn’t be trying to run anyways
I laughed out-loud…. I’ve been saying that for weeks 
I’ve got some medicine and orders to take it easy, wait and see.
 So I figured while I’d blog before I zonk out for a few hours, then mosey to class.
I WANT this semester to be different. I told someone the other day I don’t want the word “uterus” to be in my vocabulary for a good 6 months. The other day in class I had to share a little but about what is going on  with some new people and it got me thinking about how much I’ve grown through out this baby maker drama.
God has just completely turned my world upside down and honestly as much as I complain, moan, cry, yell, and whine about it all I know that at the end of the day I’m going to be a new person and that is totally worth it. So all in all I’m fine 🙂

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