All I have- Cover

I gave all I have today in class. These song intensives are kicking my behind. I have such performance anxiety. Today a few people were sick so we didn’t have as many strong vocals as we normally do. Soooo sarah may have taken over and made it a country song. Our wonderful vocal coach Marleana is helping me so so so much it! I can feel myself getting better each week but it is definitely a challenge. My confidence has always been my problem… I feel awkward on the inside so I look akward on the outside… anyways Its getting better. Today’s song was a love song and for a min there I felt what I was singing! YAY

I had many of you praying for my friend David, follow his journey at

One thought on “All I have- Cover

  1. So your voice is the best out of all of them. I think it should have been just you. maybe thats just me because i really like your voice when you sing or what but you should have just taken over! I miss you!

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