Arise and Eat

** Disclamier***- I’m going to be very honest. I’m a flood of emotions and I need to get them out

I’m so overwhelmed with joy and with fear. I know that the fear and the worry and the oh no what was He thinking sending me here is just satan. I know that but Spiritual Warfare is real and I can feel the battle.

1 Kings 19:5 says ” Arise and Eat” I read this yesterday and was joking about it becoming my key verse. I understand it though. It was talking about Elijah being Depressed and how such a simple task of getting out of bed and eating was hard. Sometimes God doesn’t call us to do extravagant things, he doesn’t come in flashy visions, sometimes he just says get up and eat.
This morning as I pulled the covers over my head and wished to wake up and it be the end of may, my house was spotless, my car was sold, bella was with a loving family member, I had enough mulah in the bank work was rockin and rolling without because we  had a new pastor…………….. then I remembered what I read yesterday. “ARISE AND EAT”
so I put all those useless thoughts behind me and got up poured me a glass of cereal ( yes class I was late to work, and yes cereal, I’m trying to save money haha) and headed out the door.
Where I was greeting with smiling loving faces who are all extremly proud of me!
I also got a card from the church  from prayer meeting on it was this song:
I‘m pressing on the upward way; New heights I’m gaining everyday, STill praying as I’m onward bound, Lord plant my feet on Higher Ground, Lord lift me up and let me stand, By faith on heavens table land. A higher plane thatn I have found. Lord Plant my feet on Higher Ground…
That is my prayer today.

One day at a time… but AHHHH I’m soooooo so so so so so so so EXCITED!

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