Attitude Adjustment

I was just not in the mood to smile today. I hate the way that sounds but I just wasn’t. Not in the mood to act like everything is hunky dory and I’m in love with running when all I’d like to do is curl up and eat a pizza!

My aunt and I had a great afternoon of house hunting and junk yesterday but on the way home from Buda the flood gates just opened…. and they haven’t seemed to stop. Besides my weight that’s one thing that I wish I could change, I would give anything to be able to control my emotions.

After a massive mistake at work I had to send myself home for an attitude adjustment.  I remember when my mother used to tell me this when I as younger, it was always so negative but thats all i could think of today. I was scolding myself saying snap out of it darn it!
I just had to make today better. I prayed, cooked a slightly high in calorie but yummy lunch, and then jammed all the way back to work. It seemed to really help. Some days I don’t get to leave so on days when I can I think I should start trying.

I’m dreading tomorrows measurements. I’ve just been in such a blah mood this week that I haven’t done as well with my workouts and eating as I have the past 2 weeks.  I know that’s normal but still… I’m disappointed. This is a hard road but one I’m committing to, so we shall see!

Maybe a long walk will do me good!

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