Bacon Bacon Bacon…..

If you’ve known me for long you know my love of food. Especially meat, and as a southern girl I have a special place in my heart for sausage and bacon. Now I have done good with pounds of sausage from my g-pa in our freezer but bacon is another story. I remember the first time my aunt and I were making bacon she was like you can’t eat the whole pound… watch me.

I woke up this morning around 2 craving bacon. It smelt like bacon was being held in front of my face. I’m usually a pretty light sleeper but had taken Advil pm last night because I was just so so sore from working out. I decided the bacon smell was just a dream and went back to sleep.
I woke up around 5 because I was in a bacon commercial for dogs, bacon.. bacon… bacon… bacon……
I slept through my “walk alarm” this morning I think because I was dreaming of my Memaw’s breakfast which is most likely all my calories for the week. After feeling like crap for not exercising I finally decided to drag my rear out of bed. While brushing my teeth I realized that the bacon smell was REAL and set off into the kitchen toothbrush, spit and all. I see a clean kitchen but then spot the bacon press on the stove. Really I thought? She made bacon with the old timey bacon press? But no sigh of life until I open the fridge!
I immediately return to the bathroom to finish my teeth brushing in hopes that there were some crumbs I could have. Once back in the kitchen I see a note that says,” this is for my potluck tonight but the extras are wrapped in the paper towel….”
Not only did she leave me some it was a perfect 250 calories of heaven.
That started my day out right. I got to work and was asked to go pick up a vehicle from text dot. Thank goodness my Dad taught me how to start a diesel. I made a fool of myself, sitting there for 10 mins not being able to figure out how to take off the parking break. I was in a big 13 passenger van but then had flash back of rodeos with my dad and him stomping on something! DING DING DING the parking break was off and so was I. Only a few curb checks later I was safely back to my desk ready for begin the work day.

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