Beach Memories with the Carpenter Kids

I went to the beach last night with rowan and again today!
There is just something soothing about the beach. 
This morning I was sitting out listening to the waves praying and I started thinking about all my trips to the beach growing up. Each year my Memaw and PePaw would load us up and we’d head to Myrtle Beach. I never realized how much those trips meant to me… funny how you see things different when your older. I started thinking about the last trip we went on together. I remember giggles, my dad teasing my aunt Cathy about her LULU hat, food, tons of shrimp, walks with Memaw and Pepaw, “dancin shaggin on the boulevard” and more…
I kept replaying one particular incident in my head though….Morgan, Will, Dad, Aunt Cathy, and I ( I don’t remember who else was here at the exact moment) were playing on the beach….. somehow we were wrestling/tickeling a normal occurrence for the Carpenter kids when my little sister takes off full speed and tackles me straight into the sand! Which of course sent will headed that way as well…. it was at that point when I had gotten bigger yet they were still seemingly small than me… It was the craziest thing. I don’t exactly remember what happend after that but today I longed to go back to that moment…Its like in that moment we would never have to grow up. We were together, as a beautiful picture of Family in Gods eyes.
  Being the big sister that didn’t grow up with those guys its times like that, that make me smile. Thinking about those memories help me to know that God has a perfect plan for all of us and throughout everything He will bring a good work….

Sorry for the randomness blog but I just wanted to share a memory that was so special to me and how its affected me as an adult ( i’m not an adult…. dont make me grow up) Anyways things are okay here! today was the last day of fall break and classes are back as usual tomorrow 🙂 No pictures today but I’ll leave you with a funny video we made the yesterday… watch carefully for a cameo with yours truly 🙂

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