Bible Games, random junk, and a picture….

Once upon a time I would turn to my Bible for all the answers.

 That hasn’t been the case lately. Ever since I got back from Hillsong I’ve just had trouble finding where I fit with God. It sounds silly, I was blessed to be educated by the best but when I got back I was just so frustraited  that I couldn’t find the perfect mix between FBC snyder and Hillsong that I just got mad and put church on the back burner. I’ve turned to everything for help lately, but God.
Last night I had enough. Someone I deeply care for is about to go through something that I couldn’t imagine. I fell like I’m not old enough to have “adult” problems or have people I know go through them. My heart hurts for my friend and I just want to fix it. I know that I will never be able “fix it” but finally remembered that there is Someone who can fix it. Duh Sarah. I played the let the Bible fall open game and as usual wasn’t shocked when it was exactly what I needed to hear.
Proverbs 20 in the Message just rocked my world. Silly for me to not expect it because I’ve been praying for it for awhile but still….. It was like I needed a recap in life’s lessons.
 Last night I cried myself to sleep like a 5 year old, I honestly think I needed it. I needed to crawl in the Lap of my Heavenly Father and cry. I actually may need to do that all this week but thats the great part about Grace.

In other news I’m trying to quit Dr.Peppers, which is stupid because I have no will power. Maybe one day it will stick. I keep reminding myself that my love for all things carb and sugary death is nothing compared the things some have to quit. Herion, cocain, drugs and alcohol are a major problem and I’m complaining about salt and Dr. Peppers.

coming soon… all about my photo day with Darla!

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