Biggest Glee Loser and one more wedding!

Things have been so weird right now!

The job search is going alright….. Ive had a few interviews and leads… I know God knows what he’s doing.

I’m currently watching the biggest loser trying my hardest not to go to the fridge for some munchies….
I didn’t get to go to the casting call in austin though I seriously thought about it… I know I can do it at home!
Speaking of weight loss I got on the scale yesterday and enjoyed what I saw! being 249 was exciting! it may be just one lb but its still under 250!

Glee was super exciting this evening! Always so uplifting and encouraging me to sing again!
Speaking of singing! I went and checked out Austin Harmony Chorus last night! It was pretty fun!

Stephanie’s wedding is in about a month  so Im super looking forward to going home and seeing people! I may even have a plus one- just a friend but still it would be nice to not go to another wedding alone!

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