Cars and Heat.

I’m writing this because I needed something to do while I cool down before showering. I hate taking a shower and then your still sweating when you get out. I know I’m quite picky.

Why in the world did I think I could “train” for a 5k in the summer, I mean really Sarah, you can hardly function if its more than 73! What made me think I could do this?

I started sweating bullets in my warm up walk this morning. It was like I was breathing in clouds and sticky death. not okay.  I only 3/4 of my way through the work out before I gave up and came back to the house. I was laying on the tile floor, yes I turn into a dog and love the floor, waiting to cool down when I thought oh I wonder how hot it is out. 76!!!!! I started at 5:45, why is it so hot so early.
I’m starting to think I should move to the great north, or obtain another gym membership that I can’t afford and will just murder my already unstable finances.

Speaking of finances, Please pray for another part-time job or that mine would become full time. I’m almost breaking even by working the part-time as apposed to my full time which would be so so great if I could get another part-timer. I’m know that the Lord hears my prayers and I just need some doors to open. 🙂

Did I mention a car too? my car is on its last leg which means we need to do something ASAP. But who is going to sale a car to someone who just has a part time job, I make more money in the end I keep telling them, but they don’t care that you worked for nothing at your full time job so you went and got a part-timer that paid lots more, car folks dont care. They look at your credit and smile and say “HAHA sarah, you shouldn’t have crapped away the past 8 years of your life. Figuring out what you want to do and traveling the world” ” you should have your masters degree in something you strongly dislike by now and be comfortable living in misery in your giant house with high payments, no husband, no kids and no life because you hate your job” They don’t say that, really they just smile, but I know its what they are thinking! So if your one of those people who believe in praying for silly things, I’d really like a Honda CRV ( any color but blue) under 10,000 without a Co-signer.

Its weeks like this I want to hop on a plane and go to Oz, but that’s how we got here in the first place, time for me to be an adult.

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