Cheekys’ Brow Blog!

Cheeky’s brow blog!

I was super excited to read this on cheeky’s blog the other day! Much to my surprise finally my bushy eye brows are “in”. Check it out and book online to get your eyebrows looking great!


Tweeze No More!

Looking younger might have just gotten easier without all of the hassle. No more sitting in the car tweezing your brows in the mirror because that’s where you get the best light. Leave those hairs alone because lush, bushy eyebrows are “in”! Let your brows enhance your eyes and face naturally. Sometimes having a sharp, precise shape to your brows looks a little harsh and may make you look a little more aged. Instead, opt to have a softer, more natural look this fall and make your own conclusions. Don’t get me wrong, you still need to groom your brows so they don’t grow out of control and turn into a uni-brow, just manage them appropriately.

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