Cheese and Sin

When I get upset I eat cheese. It doesn’t make me feel better. It doesn’t even taste that good. And usually I’m like really why did eat that?

This morning i was in a sooky ( Australian for pouty) mood. I huffed and puffed and cried. So then I tried the whole, ive got to get over myself and help others thing, so I made the boys and jess pancakes. Well after breakfast I started in on my cheese. Jared has already stated that it’s gross and laughs at me or shakes his head when i do it(quite often)
Today was different. Today it was full on Sarah that’s disgusting, don’t eat it,it won’t make you feel better, and then …….it’s making me sick.
I pouted and ate my cheese in silence lol
But he made a great point, eating the cheese wasn’t going to help anything. Just like taking that drink, or messing around with that person, or screaming and yelling all don’t help they just make things worse…
Then I got to thinking about sin. Sin can be used as a analogy to the cheese! Its gross, and often times we do it without thinking! It’s also the same because our sin can have negative effects on the people around us. We as Christians should hold our brothers and sisters in Christ accountable the way Jared did with the cheese!

I know it sounds silly but the thought really blew my mind today so I figured I’d share!

One thought on “Cheese and Sin

  1. Way to go honey! I've been thinking about you “talking” on stage. Take one of these ah ha moments like this and just tell about it. This would make a great – mini sermon. You can really get into the grossness and everyone can relate to doing things like that especially when you are down.

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