Chilifest, exercise update, and a drinking disclaimer!

So this weekend I went to Chilifest in Snook! It’s a big Beer, Chili and Music festival, right outside of college station. I was super excited to see Josh Abbott and Billy Currington along with some other bands. I debated for a while on weather I wanted to go or not. I knew I wasn’t going to be drinking so I wasn’t sure about going to a festival known for its drunken craziness! I actually had a really good time being the only sober one there! Because I never had to go refill I was on the front row all day! See pics below stolen from the girl I was standing with. My camera decided to die after the first set.

All is alright in the exercise world except my legs keep falling out from under me leaving me on the ground, I blogged about the first incident last week but today fell after my run and shower in my hall way… just was suddenly on the ground. I’m so sorry legs, I know you do hard work holding me up all the time but trust me this is for your own good!

I’ve been in a crabby emotional moody this week too! I don’t know why… Actually I do but im just tired of dealing with added junk at work. Today someone said I’m not answering that. Then I answered the call and gave it right back to them it was stupid. I cried again this morning because my computer was being slow and silly things. I guess its just part of being a girl.

I’ll be excited to announce what 5ks I’m actually training for in few weeks. I decided if I was going to pay to run – which is obsurd- that I would want the money to go to someone/something I care about!

Just because I don’t drink doesn’t mean I don’t want to hang out. Just because I’m choosing to make different decisions and am at a different place in my life doesn’t mean im not there for you. I’m not judging your choices to drink just like you shouldn’t judge my ability to eat a whole pan of brownies. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to go have a margarita with you and just have water. It doesn’t mean I’ll never had a sip again in my life… It only means I refuse to put up with the stupidity and will steal and hide your keys if I think your being stupid. Just like I expect you to take the bag of chips away from me if I’m being stupid and have eaten half the bag. I’m doing something that important to me just like y’all do things that are important to you. I feel sad that at 25 I’m making a disclaimer to my friends and family on my choices to try to be healthier. But now you have it!

Billy Currington!!!

Josh Abbot and Pat Green

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  1. Good for you for letting your loved ones know that you are still you even if you choose differently now than you did before….it makes a big difference and makes people realize that you don't love them any less you are just changing to make you better. 🙂

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