Clearing out brain space.

My head is clogged.

Our House is for sale. Someone buy it. Raise your family there. Love the sounds of a Friday Night Football game or early morning band practices. I listened to Miranda Lambert’s “House That Built Me”  on repeat this morning and got all of my tears out. I really thought I was going to raise my own children in that house someday, or always have Christmas’s there with my old and grey mother…. God must have different plans for us.

We were supposed to get our paychecks yesterday but due to a shipping error there wouldn’t arive until today. When I got to work they informed me they were at another location but wouldn’t be here until Monday. I said how about I go get them myself… So I jumped in the car and went picked them up. Maybe the folks I work with tonight will be super appreciative and tip me out decent 🙂

I get my hair did on Monday.- Nervous!
I love working at the Salon and Spa. I get to pretend to be someone I’m not, then one day hope I’ve faked it till I’ve made it.

There is a bug who must live in a pair of shoes. Everytime I’ve warn them this week I’ve gotten bites… Or it lives under the desk at work. Both of which are gross and creepy.

Its sad when the most excited thing your going to buy with this paycheck is good toilet paper, q-tips and laundry soap. Or slim fast. Its a toss up between which I’m more excited about. Dollar Tree has been my friend on this exploration of life on my own but sometimes you just have to splurge on the decent stuff.

I’m  on day 5 of the 40 Day Overcome the Lie Challenge and I feel God doing something awesome in my life. Praying He will reveal where I’m supposed to go and what I’m supposed to do!* on another note I’m open to suggestions* I’ve been praying that God will make some things “Slap in the face clear!”

My stomach growling is echoing throughout the spa today.

speaking of spa….I listen to spa music 7 hours a day…. there is this one creepy carny song that I can never catch to thumbs down on pandora. well folks I caught it today! BAM

Both of my Grandparents (Dads)  in Georgia & NC are dealing with Lung Cancer issues and junk. I haven’t publicly asked for prayer yet because I haven’t properly dealt with it… But how selfish of me is that, so would you please join  me in prayer for the strength to fight and miraculous healing. Pray for my Dad and aunt Cathy who are dealing with both parents being ill.
On that note im not putting up with smoking around me………. if I see you I’ll put it out myself.
Think about your future kids and grandkids.

My stomach growling is echoing throughout the spa today.

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