Country Music…………

 It is no secret to my friends here how much I miss Country music.

I  miss the twang, and steel guitar, and fiddle ect….

The other day in class I thought I was dreaming but I heard Alan Jackson… I literally walked up to a group of kids I really didn’t know and made a fool of myself because I was SOOOO excited that someone was listening!

I’ve also learned how hard it is for a person with a twang in my voice like me to blend with others who don’t. Its incredibly hard actually and has even brought me down a few times. I say my r’s  Aussies dont, not that i sing with aussies in my band but we southerners pronounce are R’s. I realized this the other day in Vocal class when we were doing a warm up. I just couldnt make my mouth form the same vowels they were… it just wouldn’t happen.

So this got me thinking about how many country artists do learn how to blend with others, or how rock/pop artist appreciate the country style ect.
Off the top of my head we have….
Nelly and Tim Mcgraw- who was in Sydney on Tuesday 🙁
Sugarland and BonJovi
and a few more

yesterday I was goofing off on Itunes and found Maroon 5 did a Duet with Lady Antebellum. I thought the song “out of goodbyes” was a great blend of the two. Someone ask me the other day why I love Lady A so much and didn’t really have a reply besides I like the music. After thinking about it, its more than just the music, its the lyrics too, also the fact that I can sing like her if i try real hard jk jk.

Anyways just some thoughts going on in my head. There is a TON going on up there!!!
I know that God gave me my voice and I just have to remember how to use it for his Glory. I felt like I have to change everything about me to  “BLEND” with others here but that is so not the case. I’m going to embrace my twangyness and keep saying my RRRRR’SSSSS .

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  1. Hey dear go look at my blog and look at little bro bull dogging at Charlies. He broke his hand yesterday at football. As far as singing goes, my best advise is “leter rip tater chip”. when you sing the holy spirit will take over. love ya.

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