D-now day dos….

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What a Crazy day! (crazy like it was soooo much fun..)
During rec this year we had to create a product and make a commercial for it. We created a fruit buddy named DUDER…. he’s a pineapple. (no he’s not he’s our friend)
I realllly hope we win the contest……. these girls deserve it ( thats right we are the BOMBDIGGATAY)
Worship last night was great. mostly because we all had amazing matching bandanas….(omg we are so cute) The sermon really spoke to the girls and they took a lot from it. Worship was their favorite part. They loooooooove Jeff Johnson…… so much that we begged the band to be in our video. So we are standing there shooting the last scene and suddly I hear car doors shut. the girls freaked out cause low and behold there was the BAND and LAYNE (omg drool omg omg giggle giggle giggle laugh freakout drool) so they film their scene with us then get on the road to C-city to go antiquing (like we are so much better than old furniture)
After worship last night I broke the rules (like i wanna see your phone) and check my cell phone and I had a facebook e-mail from a friend in oklahoma. it was in refrence to my status being about worshiping with jeff. After some research I find that my long lost buddy Jesse is one of Jeff’s really good friends (omg look sarah is over there.. go go, no leave her alone…. omg you just talked to him!!!!!) its amazing how small this world is. I also found out that a few people’s friends were at falls creek when Jesse’s band The Doug Matlock Band ( like they are cute to what is it with hot worship leaders) were leading worship there.


*****bold and italic is from the girls point of view*****

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2 responses to “D-now day dos….”

  1. HAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I love looking at things from the young teenage girl perspective. You just can’t help but laugh! It also takes me back to a time in history when we too were at that energetic and care free teenage stage of life! We’ve grown up so much, but those teenage girls are still in there deep down just waiting to get giggly and talk super fast at the mention of cute older boys! 🙂

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