dear you….

I found this and had to share…. it was just what I needed to hear!

Dear You
How was your day today? Did anyone make you laugh today? I know how you love to laugh. Did anyone hurt you today? Don’t sweat them just pray for them. Though these times of economic struggle we must pray for one another more then we already do. I’m glad that you believe in God, and I’m glad that you practice your faith. I’m glad that you have knowledge and that you’re not ignorant.
I’m glad that you’re in good health and that you take care of yourself. I think people just don’t understand how important that is. What’s your favorite past time? My favorite past time is the UFC, nothing beats that well besides you and you’re not a past time. I promise to watch chic flicks with you and I won’t complain at all. As long as we’re together, I’m cool doing whatever.
I’m glad that you have one of the biggest hearts in the world. I’m happy to call you my other half, the future mother of my kids, my meant to be, the love of my life God has given me to live. You are special and you mean so much to me. When you walk in a room I always have this feeling that overcomes me and that feeling is pure joy to know that you’re the one I will be with for all times with no doubt ever. I’m happy God has given us his blessing.
You are one of those people that actually learned from your mistakes and teach others the other options they have of not making the same ones. You are the person that even if they do make the same mistake you’re there to pick them up and love them. You don’t smoke, you don’t belittle people, you have manners, and more importantly you have morals. I respect you whole heartedly.
I will always open the doors for you, and allow you to walk in first. I will pull your chair out when there is a chair to pull out. I will be romantic with you, trust me I know how to do this. You would travel the ends of the earth to be with me and I would do the same. Though there may be distance in the beginning we will find our way to one another.
I like hearing your stories, you make them worthwhile, and they’re never boring. Your past has strengthened you and you don’t live in it. You don’t see people in colors. When you use to date race wasn’t something that limited you. You like to smile. You enjoy conversation, and enjoy time to just be with each other without words. I respect that you don’t use profanity around kids and you may not even use it at all. I love how you’re so lady like.
I like that you’re honest. You are optimistic and you even give others hope. People turn to you all the time and that is what makes you a good friend as well. You’re not a Debby Downer, and with you there is never a dull moment. You like to play board games, you like to go to museums, you like to tell me interesting facts even though I may already know them I will listen to your melody any day.
I can’t wait to watch movies with you, I’m happy you don’t actually talk through movies. It’s good that you’re close to your family and I to mine, for one day we will introduce not only each other to them but them to one another. I have family everywhere so we do have pretty good vacation spots. Though I don’t know you, I trust God’s master plan that you exist. I love you my dear. Stay positive. I do exist.
Love Always

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