Deep Fried Southern Weekend

I attempted to treat the vegetarians to a special meal this weekend. Jared has been talking about gluten steaks forever, so we decide to give them a shot! After a crazy 2 day search for Gluten flour the fun process began. In all it was easy but tedious, yet yummy and fun all at the same time!

So good in fact we busted out some chicken friend ones, then tonight had chicken fried steak/veggy patties!
May I just say that many people have mentioned that I can’t cook vegetarian food, well I can ūüôā
The gluten steaks before

Jared and David letting them soak
After the frying

 The fake were so good, I had some real!

I was in such a hurry to chow down on the chicken fries i forgot to take a finished picture!

One thought on “Deep Fried Southern Weekend

  1. I caught up with your blogs just now–I know this is easy for me to say (since I'm married), but don't worry about being married!! Especially don't worry about kids!! It seems to me that you have the best of both worlds–you're single and in Oz, giving you the freedom to travel and explore and really figure yourself out–as well as getting a kid fix during your work. Maybe God isn't rubbing children in your face, He's giving you the chance to work on your mommy skills while you still have the freedom to go see a movie whenever you want & take off to Australia (or Texas) whenever it works for you. I'm not trying to be preachy or anything, but I thought you might like that perspective. It sounds like you're doing so great!! I love you so much & I misssss yooouuuu!!!!

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