Defrauding & Food

I have a tender emotional Heart. I always have and always will.  God gave me that sensitivity and its up to me to learn how to use it correctly.  In the book ( “Emotional Purity”) it talks about women with tender hearts not guarding then appropriately and them becoming calloused mostly because we give our hearts away so easily.
“We not only give out hearts away- sometimes we actually steal the hearts of the men around us” Me a heart stealer HAHAHA I laughed at the Author but continued to read with an open mind.
It was saying that basically you defraud people when you use them or cheat them out of something they need to save for someone else.

Now heres where it gets funny.
I was telling a fellow student this to which they replied.

Sarah you are defrauding multiple men at this college with your cooking.  You can steal a heart with food. You are taking parts of their marriage from them. Food causes an intimate connection. what would your future husband think about you feeding and taking care of so many people espically boys. What happens when “so and so’s” wife makes him chicken alfredo and he is forced to lie because yours is better. 

Your food is like sex sarah and you are causing men to stumble…..SAY WHAT

I couldn’t stop laughing at her but she was dead serious. 

I wish I could keep writing about the conversation but it ended there. I really have no desire to share with anyone about what is going on in my life and how the book is helping/ rocking my world because of ignorant people like this. We need to love people as Brothers and Sisters in Christ and put our own agendas and feelings aside. Sometimes WE (myself included) make tiny things incredibly big in our little Christian Culture world. Tonight was crazy crazy extreme.   My food isn’t causing anyone to stumble. In fact it blesses me more than I ever thought and God continues to use food and fellow ship to bless others around me.

Good night 🙂

2 thoughts on “Defrauding & Food

  1. Sarah, Satan is the great deceiver. Not only is your caring for others a blessing to you, but it is a blessing to them. Mrs. Bowen (Beth's mom) used to cook Sunday lunch and any college kids that wanted to come were welcome if they went to church first. I don't think it started out that way but that is how it ended up. Over the years this became a tradition with the WTC golf team members. They were away from home yet had a home to go to – and she extended the invitation using food. You know that growing up I wanted our home to be a place where your friends were comfortable to come and felt welcome. I hope for some of them that was the case. DO NOT let comments such as those above stop what God has laid on your heart to do for others.

  2. Bahahaha. that is hilariously awful. I hope that you don't take that seriously. From everything I'm reading about you, you're using your gifts to connect with people and find family and friends–not using alfredo to get naked. Or “steal from future wives.”The guys will love their future wives as they are, even if you are a better cook. And like as not, you're the future wife, so who cares?bahahaha. I love people like that. It gives so much perspective. We should skype soon. I miss you.P.S., Carmen–some of my favorite high school memories took place in your house. I have always considered that kind of fellowship to be more genuine and full of love than anything I experienced during Sunday School.

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