Desert Song- Culture Group Service!

Above is my bands assessment for a culture group which is 18-25 Koreans in Sydney! I figured I’d share with you some about my band!

Marcos is from Brazil and plays electric guitar. Marcos is the kindest guy and is willing to help anyone with anything!
Moses is from Korea and a classical pianist. He is super shy but I think its just the language barrier, hes super funny once you loosen him up!
Aksel is from Norway and he’s our Bass player. There are only 2 in our intake so we are lucky he’s in our band. Aksel is such a leader, he helps so much to encourage us and keep us on track.
Ryan is from TEXAS and he’s our Drummer. Ryan cracks me up and lightens the mood. He is such a talented Musician, like professional so we are lucky to have him.

Edith is from Kenya! Shes such a joy to have in class always caring and wants to make sure things are great!
Lea is from Germany. Shes hilerious! She keeps me laughing in class and is just a genuine person!
Nong is from Tialand ?I think? She is an incredablly passionate person and it shines through to everyone
Michele is from Georgia! She and I bonded instantly I think over the Southernness she is a natural leader and so so so caring
Then there is me.
I haven’t been to band very much because of the Surgery but they have welcomed me back with open arms and I’ll find my place soon enough.

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