I’ve been debating on if I should share this or not but considering I’m awake at 3AM I figured I could use extra prayer.
I have my disability interview tomorrow which is the first step in a very long process that I honestly don’t even want to go through. I never thought going in for surgery that I just wouldn’t recover. It’s been 7 months of battling. I don’t want to be on disability. I want to go back to work, I want to stay awake all day, and function like a normal person, I want to able to function every day without pain.
I recently went to a friend’s wedding, it was the first time I had traveled very far from home, gotten dressed up and was excited about something in a long time. Facebook told y’all that I was doing better, looking better, and sounding better. Reality was different, you didn’t see that I didn’t drive very long, hurt the whole way, needed to nap and rest in the car, or that during the reception the most comfortable place for me was on the ground. I’m sure people were like what in the world is she doing. Facebook doesn’t know how many days I stayed in bed or couldn’t function afterword’s, or how many showers I’ve managed to take in the past few weeks. I’m not saying I didn’t have a blast- it was great to see friends and old co workers and to celebrate a beautiful couple.
Y’all chronic illness is hard, dark and ugly, these days of social media make it harder. I don’t want people to see the part of me that is disabled now so I try and hide it. I only post on good days and try to stay positive . I should be glad if a few of you reading are like wow- she’s fine- not disabled- why on earth is she filing.
I should have filed months ago but was/am concerned about how this would effect foster and adoption in future. These decisions don’t just impact me, they effect Steven, my family, his family, and so on. I already have so much guilt that I can’t give anyone biological children so trusting Google to tell me you can foster while on disability is hard for me.
Trusting God to take care of it is even harder.I’m usually most honest while I blog and keeping with the spirit of that I’ll admit that I’m still at the “Kicking and Screaming” at God phase of this chronic illness battle. I shouldn’t be but I am. When thinking about it, looking at my medical records and discussion with my a few dr’s and therapist I realize that my health started going downhill after having Mono in high school. They tell me I should take comfort in knowing that it wasn’t “just” the hysterectomy or anything I did or could have done to prevent this.
Now here we are- almost 7 months after my surgery and I’m asking for prayer around this. I’m nervous and scared and not too thrilled about what will most likely be a long and drawn out process. Having my interview tomorrow doesn’t mean I’ll get it, and if I do it takes 3-6 months for a decision. This means another few months of hardly getting by and trouble paying bills, my mom and Steven can’t help me much longer.
All that to say Prayers are appreciated.
               Not all Disabilities are visible.

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