Emergency Surgery? Now?

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As most of you know I’ve been having trouble with me female parts or as we call them here hooha and baby maker. Anyways I went in for a schedule check up to make sure the pesky cyst/mass/tumor hadn’t grown( its a cyst but it turned solid therefore making it a mass/tumor according to the aussie health folk). well after some examination and an extremely freaky ultrasound my specialest rushes back into the room and says it has to come out now. Its over doubled in size and could burst at any moment………
enter nervous break down
………… tears……. I refused, yelled, screamed, hollered… at one point I even sat in the floor!! Why you ask because this was not supposed to be happening again! 2011 in Sydney was the year for no needles or pain… whooopsy
After a small dicussion about the options I finally gave in………… why because there was no other choice. I couldn’t fly home to have the surgery, he said it could rupture walking out the door which would totally stink!

Anyways by this time we decided that it had to be affecting some hormone issues hence my 2 weeks of rage and emotional basketcaseness so they thankfully gave me some anti-anxiety drugs to help me out… unfortunattly it blocked out all filters…
Enter Profanity
I was mean….. apparently cussed out a few nurses and the anesthesiologist! whoopsy! Thank goodness I wasn’t in a Hillsong shirt I was representing my great state of Texas. (now I know some of you are rolling your eyes at me and shaking your head at me… don’t pretend your not. I’m human and people deal with things in different ways… God and are currently working on my mouth and making some serious headway but… yesterday was an off day k?)

SO yesterday I had an emergency laparoscopic cystectomy — webmd it if your confused 🙂
Anyways they removed a Golf-ball size thing from my ovary. I have a few incisions and some crazy pain but now I should be like a new woman in a few weeks! 

I’m extremely thankful its over! I mean recovery is awful but I can hopefully get back to my life soon! God knew what he was doing though… because it was an emergency situation I didn’t have to pay anything up front, which means the hospital deals with the insurance not me! Money is extremely tight/non existing at the moment so it was a great praise to not have to pay anything yet…

so now my pain meds have worn off and I’m tired of writing! Thank you for all your prayers, calls, text, and messages. I don’t have credit  on my phone so please don’t be offended if I don’t call you back or am asleep when you drop by…  I’m so used to entertaining I need to learn how to rest and recover while focusing on me.

All our heartache
And all our pain
God our healer
He has overcome!!
In Sarah in Sydney, Uncategorized
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