Friday Randomness

My brain hurts. Everyone in our office can’t concentrate and there is an awkward old lady smell that’s seeping through the cracks giving me a head ache, Toni a stomach ache, and Darla’s nose run. Weird.

I think I miss my friends…. Actually I know I do. Abby and I live in the same town but work different schedules and I miss her. I just need 20 mins to get a coke and listen to happy music and I will be set! I tried to hangout with my friend Jade this week but we kept having stuff come up. I know it sounds dumb but taking care of the dog is hard, between my Apt’s and His vet apt’s and work I’m just completely exhausted! I have Greg here who’s been our hero for taking care of Spencer when I’m at work. Reading this sounds crazy, but He’s been the best” fur baby sitter!”

I didn’t get on more than mascara today but hay I tried. I also wore earrings…. Whooooo
update- the mascara has been cried off….

My blood pressure and I aren’t getting along here lately. I feel myself blowing up like a balloon and need to regain control of it. I’m tired of talking about weight blood pressure and my body though. So maybe I’ll just stop. Maybe Not.

My Co-workers are talking about moving to Maine, Missouri ext…. Im sitting at my desk thinking “wow I moved to Australia”. Was that a dream? Maybe just a dream come true. Its becoming easier to not wish I was anywhere but Austin but its still there. But as my mom says “I won’t be happy anywhere” and she might be right… yay blanket of depression. You know the cymbalta commercial when the robe follows her and ways her down … that’s how I feel most days.

Happy Friday all! Just felt like seeing if blogging helped 🙂

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