Georgia is on my mind aka I miss my daddy

I’ve grown up with the concept of missing my Dad. Its just what life dealt me. I lived in Texas, He lives in Georgia. It seems so normal to me, to alot of kids my age actually. Divorce is just something we’ve all learned to deal with… anyways not what I’m blogging about. Missing my Dad, Morgan, and Will while I’m in Australia is a little different than me missing snyder folks or my other family because I’m just plain used to it, which I think makes it hurt worse.  In high school and after I’d call him and say I hate boys or I’m in love with so and so, or I had my first kiss, I just castrated an animal be excited, I’m at a rodeo ect… you know normal father daughter junk 🙂
Some of you’re first and only memories of my Daddy was him yelling at my first kiss 😀

Anyways I was flipping through facebook today and saw a picture of my Aunt Cathy (posted below) I also saw a nice looking man in the back ground, I was like self ” thats a nice looking cowboy in the background, looks like aunt Cathy is hanging around with great people”. Only to zoom in and realize it was my DADDY!

Now don’t say ew or whatever it wasn’t even like that.  I didn’t know he was at the same rodeo…. I’m a little slow.
Anyways I just started crying. One thing I always hated about my “daddy homesickness” was that it hits at super crazy times and I just can’t control it. Most of the time its a song, but the smell of horse pooop gets it going everytime….. anyways I then started laughing at my self cause I’m a 24 yr old woman, living in Sydney, with tears running down her face at church ( yes I was on fb at church… another blog for another time) because I wanted to be at a rodeo with my daddy trying to fit in with my cute boots, pearl snap, Big Texas hair, looking for a cowboy to break my heart :)I wanted to be in the company of country folk….. not in CITY land where all the men no matter what size they are wear skinny jeans… I wanted wranglers. I wanted 100% funk in the big truck with my brother and sister giggling in the back seat. I wanted “walking after midnight” on the porch, I wanted cowboy eggs, and to hear dad gripe about how much I love krystal gut bombs. I wanted to complain about the tree’s and not being able to see the sky, I wanted the smell of my memaws cooking and for someone to understand that Biscuits ARE NOT SCONES. I wanted for someone to call me Sayrah and not know it.

So God and I did what we always do when I get homesick. We cry it out and move on. I texted my dad and told him I loved and missed  him and then went right back to paying attention to the sermon 🙂 I say all this because I just don’t know how to tell people about this side of me. We joke all the time about my southerness and my friends here think its neato that my daddy rodeos but you just can’t explain that this homesickness is different because its been going on all your life. You can’t explain how  you techinally don’t miss them more than other but do all at the same time.  My friends and family at home understood. all I had to say is I miss my dad or Georgia is on my mind.

so now you know what I really mean when I say Georgia is on my mind!

Dad surprised me on my 16th birthday! I had a stock show that weekend!

Will, Morgan, and my Daddy!

This is my aunt Cathy. Her laughter can brighten anyone’s day and make a whole room smile ( personally I think we both laugh like my daddy) She is a true Angel! I don’t know who the man in the tan is, but the man who thinks hes hot stuff in brown in the background is my daddy. Unfortunately or Fortunately for me, I look and act just like him! sometime ask my mom or gma about Me/him in my TuTu….. well they called it a 4X4 🙂

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  1. First of all – your daddy is a good-looking man. Just saying…..:) Second of all …….did you see what I wrote to my Papa last week? Hmmmmm – you are 24 and I am twice your age and I still miss my Papa.

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