Georgia on my mind….

Georgia is on my mind….
Cause I’m moving there on Saturday!!!!
Now is the time to place your “ how long will she make it bet” y’all. Just kidding (or am I)
I honestly have no clue why God is doing any of this but after a month of no job, no car, and no money it’s a wonderful option that lets me spend time with family and see if I can get back on my feet somewhere else. I’ve never really liked Austin and besides church and family I don’t have much of a reason to stay. So I’m going to try somewhere else.
I’ve had two songs on repeat during this “season”  Hillsongs “Oceans” and Jeff Johnson’s “Ruin Me”.
 ( look them up- soooooor good)
Ruin my life the plans I have made
Ruin desires for my own selfish gain
Destroy the idols that have taken Your place
‘Till its You alone I live for,
You alone I live for.
Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior
Sounds to me like I should be careful what I pray for 😉
I’m so excited to go on this new adventure. I’ve spent the past few days crying and moping but I realized how silly that is. I should be excited to go on a new adventure not mourning my stupid apartment and friends…… I have no clue where it will lead me, I may find my forever home, stay a month- forever, this may lead me back to Australia (fingers crossed), seattle, or somewhere I’ve never dreamed of living. I can only hope that I will realize what I want to do with my life and become the person that God wants me to be.  

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