God’s Timing is perfect.

I’ve always knows Gods timing is perfect but its hard to remember in your everday life. In the midsts of me getting ready to leave my job, house, friends, and family I’ve had to sit back and say, “His timing is perfect, over and over again to myself.”
On a different note………………..

My little sister Graduates from High School in 2 weeks. I’ve missed so much of Morgan and Will’s life by being in Texas but I know that it was Gods will to have me grow up here and them there. Thanks recently to Facebook I can play a more active part in their lives. I love looking at the pictures and thinking wow thats my chin, or wow we look like our Dad. When I started working here with the youth I struggled with the guilt of not seeing mo and wills sports games. I would see the joy it put on my 180 girls faces to have me there and I wished I could have been there for Morgans and Wills. I once went to her band concert and took her flowers. I’m pretty sure I was more excited than she was but when I look at that picture ( its on my wall  in my house) of us I don’t see a broken family, I see my baby sister, the one I sang “walking after midnight” to as we’d sit on the front porch rocking Will to sleep. I see the woman that she will grow up to be along with the little girl I knew. One year I suprised them on Christmas morning. I rang the door bell and Santa had brought them me! That was still the coolest Christmas yet. I remember their old answering machine…. I talked to it alot. It had all of their voices on it. They don’t know how often I think of them, Dad included. I use a combanation of their names and old telephone number as all of my passwords so I think about them multiple times in a day.

I got Morgans graduation invitation in the mail this week. I sat down and sobbed. Partically because I was sad shes a grown up, and the other part because I’m sooooo happy for her and her start into the real world.

I’m so thrilled that God is allowing me to have this time with my family before I leave to start my new adventure. I talked to Morgan the other day and its very neat that we are doing College together. My prayer is that during this time Christ like Love will be shown to everyone involved. Family functions with broken familys is no fun but God calls us as Christians to be better than that. 🙂

Anywhoo….. I’m excited

This is from my suprise Christmas!

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