Greg and Aunt Jerilynn’s Birthdays!

Today and Tomorrow are two of the coolest people I knows birthdays!

My Aunt has always spoiled me with Garth Brooks Tickets, Trips, Games, lots and lots of food both when I was young and now old! She has graciously opened her home and fridge to me (Twice now) and all of my friends no matter what! She is the most caring and thoughtful person I know.
I’m so grateful she shares her babies with me so that I too can have someone greet me when I get home
I can’t thank her enough for all that she does for me.

After meeting Greg he quickly became my best friend here in Austin. He delt with lots and lots of tears and crazyness on my part. He made me laugh, made me cry, and even made me food a few times. He loves my cooking even when its bad and is about the only person who can beat me at the music game in the car. I honestly didn’t realize how much I truley cared for him until after things had changed and he wasn’t in Austin anymore. I miss him terribly but know that he is right where God wants Him. Landing in Dallas this weekend was some what emotional for me to know that I was so close yet so far away from my bestfriend!  Happy Birthday Grego. I miss you like crazy.

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