Grocery store fun

Sometimes I wish it were socially acceptable for me kick and scream and holler just because…. I mean I hate the grocery store as much as anyone but no one wants to see a fat girl crying on aisle 4 cause she can’t push the basket. 

I was that person today in the store. The one I hate who just lets their child hit things and people and not say excuse me as they run on an 86 year old mans Velcro shoes. The one who is like why yes ma’am they can have a sample or 8 because I’m broke and they have eaten a hole box of cereal for a snack….That parent who knows their kid is roaring 5 aisles over but to busy on her hunt for breadcrumbs to bother going back. 
I forced the boys to come with me to the store to instead of play outside as a semi punishment or consequence
Jokes on me.

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