Half Marathon

So today marks week #1 of Half Marathon training complete.
Some of you may be thinking Woah!! I didn’t know she could do that, well I might not be able to but I’m sure going to try. The truth is I love to walk. Finishing those 5ks were the most exciting, hard, and rewarding thing I’ve ever done.
Even though everyone was so encouraging during my 5k training and such, I was debating not telling the blog and facebook world about my half marathon endeavors because I could so easily fail.  Yesterday changed my mind though.
Some people from church were talking about running and doing 5ks and half marathons. The look on someone’s face when I said “yeah I’m actually in week one of my half marathon training” was priceless. 
They were obviously shocked. I think I played it off well but deep down it hurt.
 I want someone to look at me and not see just the fat girl with a black rain cloud. I guess I need to see myself as more than that before I can expect others to view me that way.

So here’s to trying, my goal is to have one (I have 2 in mind) compeleted by the end of the year 🙂

One thought on “Half Marathon

  1. I hate when people reply “Good for you” and their tone is more of one that is “wow, I didn't think someone like you could do that.” Sometimes I think that it can serve as motivation, but other times, like you said, it can sting still.

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