Health slap and Aggie Land

You know those people on the biggest loser who just bam “well I didn’t realize I was sick or had diabetes or heart disease or that I had even gotten that big”… well that’s what happened to me last Monday! After my aunt and I being at three dr’s in one day I got in the car and was like… woah… talk about a slap in the face!

I’m having problems with my blood pressure and iron… But with the help of my neat little tracker app and my aunts ability to find low sodium food and spend tons of money and hours at the store in order for my new healthy lifestyle to take place! I’ve been under my calorie intake and sodium milligrams almost everyday for a week now so that’s a huge WIN for Sayrah!

So I went to visit and help out a friend in his hometown this weekend. I had a great time and actually enjoyed getting up at 2 am and rolling papers! I’m thankful I learned how to read a map at age 5 because that was my job… to read the map while he threw the papers! I now know certain neighborhoods of college station very very well!

I’ve always loved hearing about my friends childhoods, the majority of my friends I’ve known since high school so Its neat for me to hear all about their past lives ect…. Except for Mr Greggo… He was Mr. hot stuff big man on campus big time sports player and after seeing pictures and hearing stories I got weird. I was like why are we friends?! I felt like the nerdy fluffy ag girl/ choir freak who was spending the weekend with Mr. big time. I was awkward for a while actually just thinking about life and how much people change…… then I snapped out of it and had to remember that I’m not 16 and neither is he and that adults can be friends and have a good time with each other without all the weirdness. Who cares if he’s Mr. big stuff and I’m fat fluffy Sarah I shouldn’t be embarrassed of myself and not want people to meet me. We are friends. A lot of people are asking me if we are dating.. Nope we aren’t . Just friends, and If you’ve known me for any matter of time you know I have the uncanny ability to be just friends with guys… that’s how I like it!

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