Hello Pavement

I have completely failed at my blog every day for 30 days. I then felt so guilty for not blogging I didn’t want to at all. But I figured I share some adventures in Sarah Land!

I’ve been running/jogging/walking!!! Today is day 6 of getting up an hour early every morning and
exercising! This is the start of week 4 of No Sweet Tea and week 8 of no Dr. Pepper!

I’d really like to do a 5k, I’m thinking of the Run for you lives Zombie 5k in December! I know that’s a ways away but I’m gonna need some serious training!


So this morning I’m doing my thing Jamming to Mandisa’s “Good Morning” Song and was running. Full stride running not my normal half-pace jog. Full blown running when the next thing I know I’m on the ground. Right-side, face down on the ground. I guess my legs said “no more”. “You’re too fat for this” “Screw you enjoy the ground” I had sore legs all day yesterday and this morning they felt a little jellyish but I felt like I should keep going! I guess not! Helllooooo Pavement! I’m okay, Mostly super sore. Some of you may know but for those of you who don’t  know “Big people fall hard”

It was the funniest thing to happen in a while! To make matters worse I realized I was near the church with surveillance cameras. I’m thinking about calling and asking if its on camera and if so can I have it.

I’m not sure how much weight I’ve lost because I’m scared to look at the scale! If I were to get on the scale and not see a good number I might be so discouraged I’d quit. So I’m going to try the no scale thing. I hate talking about weight, weight loss and health but I had to share about my falling adventures this morning!
I will leave you with some fun pictures from easter!, Yes We are holding a baby donkey!

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