Home is where the heart is…

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Today after spending a few hours being poked and prodded only to find out no reason for my fever…I got in Jareds car and said I want to go home. the closest thing to home here is outback or McDonalds so I  ordered him to Mickey D’s despite my strict orders to return straight to bed……

Home is a word thats come up practically every day since I had surgery. Are you going home? Do you want to go home? What happens when you go  home? are you staying for second year or going home? How are your parents back at home handling this? and on and on…

Well I’m not quite sure where or what home is anymore.

If “home is where the heart is” … then Home is here in Sydney.
If home is where I grew up then its in Snyder
If home is with my parents its Canada or Georgia….

I don’t know where home is anymore really. I never thought I could leave Snyder home to so many of the people I care for and love… but I did. Now I have more people to care for and love spread out all over the world……
You’ll have to excuse my mopey slightly depressing post but with everything going on im trying to keep my head above water. Someone last semester told me to be at home where ever you go which is something I’ve prayed for God to show me. My prayer is that I wouldn’t wish away time being “home sick” for example while in Sydney I want to be in Snyder but while in Snyder over Christmas I wanted to be in Sydney. I have to constantly ask God to remind me that my “real true” home is with Him, so technically it doesn’t matter where I am.

I have a ” homesick” playlist on my computer that I listen to when I am feeling down… Its not really even call homesickness anymore… I think its people sickness 🙂 any ways some of my favorites are
Can’t go home- Sugarland and Bonjovi
Home- Michael Buble
House is not a home- Glee
Home home on the range
Broken Road- Rascal Flatts
Won’t go home without you- maroon 5
Gettin you Home- Chris Young
Temporary Home- Carrie Underwood
And of course My favorite Home is Where the Heart is”-  Lady Antebellum

In other not as mopey annoying news I’m recovering okay. My incisions are looking super but…. ( there is always a but) I have an infection somewhere causing fever…. They ran some tests and should be in contact soon. In the meantime I’m loaded up on Augminten antibiotics to hopefully kill whatever it is thats making me fever and the chills… I had to ask for a blanket today and one of my friends was like woah your cold? this is a first.  I know huh?!

Anywhooo….. Love Yall Thanks for all the prayers and support!

In Sarah in Sydney, Uncategorized
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