How can I help?

I want to thank everyone for all of the support throughout this process. Many have asked “ How can I help or what can I do” All I can think of for now is pray! Here are some things to pray for…..
First of all my nerves, I’m so excited but terrified all at the same time! Matthew 6:25 says “do not worry…” I’m working on it J Pray for my family as they prepare for me to leave. Pray that the details for the house, bella, my car, everything else easily work themselves out! Finances- as you can imagine it’s not easy or cheap to move across the world for school! I’m struggling with knowing how to let God provide for me.
And Lastly pray for ME! That God would prepare my heart for this!
Here is a list of things I need …
Hug from my family- thanks G-ma and Aunt Jerilynn for getting mom here next week!
Sign and fill out my acceptance letter- Postage is horrible
Pay tuition- $5,200
Overseas Heath Coverage- $375
Accommodation Fee-$150
Passport-$225  – Found it!
Plane Ticket-$1,500
Computer- Praise God for amazing blessings from wonderful friends
Living Expenses- $400 rent

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