How NOT to date a Loser!

Once upon a time I bought this book at Mardel for $1.00. Then I put it on the shelf with all the other books I need to read before I leave.

In light of everyone around me getting married and being in love I figured I’d read it!

It is certainly not what I expected. It talks alot about fears and issues in relationships and embracing your singleness because maybe God has more things in store for you.

I’ve thought about that a bunch lately. They get a big shiny ring, weddings, and babies and I get Australia.  Don’t get me wrong,  I’m not saying my leaving is better than your wedding… God has been trying to teach me that everyone’s paths are different and not to envy someone else’s path. Everyone’s gifts are different too. The mommy/wifey gene isn’t in me right now.

 I know that God is saving me some heartache and pain by allowing me NOT to have someone. If I had a boyfriend I wouldn’t go to Australia! The book talks about looking at past relationships and learning from them. I’ve learned that when I’m in Love I will give up everything for that person. I love WHOLEHEARTEDLY and that can be very dangerous for me if I’m not solid in who I am in the Lord, and if HE isn’t a man of God.
After I read the first few chapters last night I  just sat and thought about how the Lord has been preparing me for my new adventure how and I haven’t even realized it.I’ve been praying, really begging actually for God to send me my Husband…. He keeps telling me not yet, not yet, one day Sarah, he’s not ready yet, keep being obedient, it doesn’t matter if she has hers, and finally I realized its Me that’s not ready to be a wife or a mom (which I talked about here).
God has been protecting me all along!

I wish I could stop trying to figure out His plans for me and just trust.

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