I broke my office chair.

I broke my office chair today. I had been a coming since before I got here but the girl before me weighed about 100 lbs, so the chair didn’t know what was happening.

Throughout the day for the past month, I would just sink to the floor in an “I’m melting” kind of way. We were trying to hold off because our office should be getting remolded soon and chairs are on the list. Apparently its best to bring yours from home but sadly I can’t afford one at the moment.

This got me thinking about some things.

Did you know the best office chair for fat folks is a Herman-Miller and cost about $700 smackaroos?!
A standard office chair is about $150.

They also have a weight limit of 200 lbs.

Me-Did y’all know the average office chair holds 200lbs?
Co-worker-I guess your more than that?
Me-uhhh yeah I actually weigh…… -way over

As I sit here at my desk I mentally went through the people we have working here. I’m about the second biggest and the only female that weighs over 200. So do employers think like that when hiring? I mean who would have thought I would be obnoxious about my chair being on the ground and then breaking another one. Do they think hmm we would need a bigger desk? I know I wouldn’t, but maybe I should.

I don’t really see weight anymore. I get to know people for who they are. My close family and friends don’t see weight either. I remember many times when my *guy friends * would say “look at that cow” when clearly I was a whale or hippo because I’m way bigger.

*** of course they don’t judge women like that not that they are adults***

Maybe I’m so used to fat being the “norm” here in “Merica” or my plus size family, that I’m used to it!

I finally had to just suck it up and tell my Manager I’m top heavy and just can’t sit like a low-rider.

He brought me a chair to hold me over but I already feel it creaking and popping… we shall see tomorrow.

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