I despise the dishes and more

I couldn’t sleep.

I rarely get 7 hours of straight sleep lately but anyways. I decided to get up and be productive.

I started my work pants in the dryer, they needed just alittle more time and theres no way I was going to wear a dress again to work.

I then moved on to the kitchen in which I quietly unloaded then re loaded the dishwasher and swept.

After showering I cleaned my bathroom ect….

I then got dressed and laid down for 15 more mins to read…

Then I woke up. I go in the kitchen and after looking around I simply sat on the floor and cried.

I was so proud of myself for being productive and cleaning. If you know me you know how much I DESPISE putting away dishes and my aunt’s new dishwasher game. Whoever opens it first puts the clean dishes up or they have to pay money. We all know I have none so I’m usually the loser at this game.

I’m going to be a crappy wife… I love to cook but hate dishes, I hate making my bed and doing laundry.

I should have know it was one of those days, but at least I didn’t try and unlock my ‘never locked” office door with my car clicker. I stood out there for a few mins last Tuesday and got extremely upset when it wouldn’t open… Slilly me
Work was nuts today… everyone was just in a funk. I think it’s the weather.

I’m listening to God is Able Live album. I’ve only actually listened to it twice, once with my mom and a few songs here and there. I absolutely JAMMED today at my desk though. Maybe one day my co-workers can hear me sing!Once upon a time I wouldn’t raise my hands in church and literally had to stop myself for just full on raising them at work. I drummed with my pens and bounced around most of the afternoon. It felt nice. I miss Oz and the family I had there. I want to just call them and say “hi remember me, I need a friend.”

I’m thankful for Skype and Facebook.
And Sweet Tea… day 2 of dr pepper and after wanting to claw a co-workers face off I asked Leah to get me a Tea. I’ve watched Darla drink about 4 diet ones and the temptation is awful… oh well. Dr Peppers are EASY.

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