I know God has me in kids for a reason but……..

I’ve decided it’s okay to be alittle personal  on this thing. So beware.

Most of you know I want I be a mommy. I really struggled with being in kids last semester and then after practically begging not to be, got placed there again this semester!

Now many of you have thoughts on this coming into your head so let me share some I’ve heard from my friends.

God knows what he’s doing. – agree

He is preparing you for something bigger- hope so

Eh it’ll be cool Sarah- agree (love the boys!

This may be the only chance to be around babies since you probably won’t have any of your own. – ding ding ding
Ugh  hope not 

I love that people (me included) are so worried about other people lives the can’t take a hard look at themselves. 
It’s hard to find people to trust here, which is weird but we are all human.

I’ve been reminded lately about family and unity and am focusing on treating my friends like family no matter the age. Quite frankly it’s hard when put in situations like that. 

You should be able to be open and honest about your feelings to the people you do life with!

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