I’m by no means a writer!

Every person must be subject to the governing authorities, for no authority exists except by God’s permission. The existing authorities have been established by God! Romans 13:1

Just a verse to go along with today’s history.

so since I’m trying to make a change I find myself at home alone more often than I was. Not that my friends aren’t great but when I choose to or NOT to participate in certain actives it leave me home alone. Most of the time I play on facebook or myspace. Lately I’ve been reading blogs. random ones and people I know. I find myself wishing I could write like them, think like them or even be as creative with my thoughts as them. Tonight I realized that practice makes perfect. I will never be a writer, this I know, but I do enjoy getting my thoughts out!

hince this blog.

I wrote this last week but its how im feeling at the time!

Have you ever been to church and can’t even remember what the sermon was about but know that you left the service with so much more? God was at work in my life today. He drug me out of bed to show me some simple things in life that didn’t have anything to do with the topic on hand!

when I first came back I was in the college sunday school class at church, I would go spraticly but wasn’t a regular in sunday school only to show up one morning and realize that the class had separated and we had been move to the young married couples class. I was rather upset because i didn’t think being around abunch of couples was going to help my still broken heart. boy was I wrong.

In sunday school there are these three couples who are in the Word together and who are obviously with the one that God has choosen for them. Sometimes i sit back and think “wow this is what is supposted to be like”. i mean I know everyone has their problems but when im in class I look around and think thats so cool. They don’t even know how much they have helped me just by being in the same room and being an example. Growing up with a single Mother and being from a broken and divorced family I have never seen couples filled with so much love. I thank the Lord for them and what they have shown me. I’ve never sat down and had a conversation with them out side of church except when they come in the lumber yard but they have made such an impact on my life. They have made me realize what the kind of relationship/marraige im waiting on, I guess that all this heartbreak and pain that I’ve gone through in the past two years is worth it.They don’t even know which is the funny thing.

I’ve realized that im not alone in this town. God has placed people here to help me along the way and I’m just hoping that I snap out of it and start being the Woman of God that I’m meant to be, I have all the tools and the people to help me and support me but im scared. I like being comfortable. I’ve been a Christian for so long that sometimes I forget the simple things. I know what I need to do to be happy and get my life back on track.

I’m going to Celebrate and grow with God this year. If your reading this and thinking hmmm that sounds like the Sarah I know then please if you see me around give me the words of encouragement, a reminder that following Gods path may not be the easiest thing but its the best thing for me! and If your reading this thinking Sarah’s lost her mind then you don’t know me as well as you thought!

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  1. I love reading personal blogs, Mommy blogs, etc. . . What is the best way to find these types of blogs online? The best method I have is just following favorites people have – going to one bloggers “favorites” then the next bloggers favorites, and so forth.. . I’ve tried Google Blogsearch but all that gives me is old news articles, etc. Nothing personal at all.. . How do you search for personal blogs?.

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