I’m one of those people, God?

Here is some back ground—–
I have these 2 friends who have always seemed to have it SO together Spiritually. They make being a Christian look easy (not that its hard all the time) but they seem like “of course I read my bible 20 mins a day or more when I have time or get free time” One is just so bubbly, and the other spend her summer in the middle east sharing the Word..

I’m reading this book and doing a study in Sunday School called ‘God as he longs for you to see Him” and it talks about perception of people and how sometimes your off just a tad bit.

I thought back to last week when I have having lunch with a friend and we were discussing dating and boys and I said that’s like these two people dating way out of his league.I was saying how I will never be good enough to date someone like that… he goes better with one of the other 2 friends. hes just way out of my league….. Corie looked at me dumbfounded and was like ” SARAH WE ARE IN THE SAME LEAGUE AS THEM WE JUST TALK ABOUT IT MORE”

woah… Corie was so right. we (mostly me) spent all of our time thinking that we didn’t live up to their standards that we would never be on the same level as them….only to realize that our perception was oh so wrong….

While reading and talking last night I was like Why is my perception of ME so wrong? God thinks I’m good enough. so why can’t I?

Am I really one of those people God? He answered “yes all of my children are “One of Those people” Sarah your perception is off just a tad bit”

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