I’m worth dying for? yeah right

“The Heart has tremendous capacity to love, and to ache. And this ache is universal.”- Rob Bell

This is from a book I’m reading called “Sex God, exploring the endless connection between spirituality and sexuality”. I know what your thinking but I suggest everyone read it. young and old.

Our tendency in the midst of suffering is to turn on God. To get angry and bitter and shake our fist at the sky and say, “God, you don’t know what it’s like! You don’t understand! You have know idea what i’m going through. You don’t have a clue how much this hurts”

The Cross is God taking on the flesh and blood and saying, “me too.”

This was a huge realization for me. God does know how I’ feel. I’m not doing this alone and the rest of the world prolly knows exactly how I feel to. Everyone has had their share of heart ache and………….

I’ve learned that you cant put a time frame on how fast or slow your heart heals and loves.
You can’t say poof im over it. or poof I’m in love with him, or her.

This book also talks about “women worth dying for”. Woah right? I’m sitting here going I don’t want someone to throw them selves in front of a bus for me. Am I really worth that. Surly God didn’t really mean that. I’m pretty sure he did, in not so many words.

so girlys
here is what the book says

You are worth dying for.

Your worth does not come from your body, your mind, your work, what you porduce, what you put out, how much money you make. Your worth does not come from wether or not you have a man. Your worth does not come from wether or not men notice you. You have inestimable worth that comes from your creator.

You will continue to be tempted in a thousand different ways not to believe this. The temption will be to go searching for your worth and validity from places other than your creator.
You are worth dying for!

I am learning and growing so much. Doesn’t mean its not hard, or free of pain. I’m slowly learning that God didn’t say “follow me and it will be fun and easy and pain free” But I know that it is so worth it.
My creator loves me for me and I’m going to be a light for him.

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