Do you ever have nights that you just can’t sleep or wake up for no reason?
This has happened to me all week!

I do not function properly without 8 hours of Uninterrupted sleep.

I just don’t get it. I started writing this at about 2 this morning when I was on the couch trying to see if a change of scenery would help. I had woken up at 11:45 drenched in sweat, the two nights before I woke up around 4 after hearing something in the attic/above my bed. Then I just can’t go back to sleep!

I don’t know when I became a light sleeper but its happened. I used to make fun of my mom and her need for ear plugs. I mean how could she hear me on the phone with Brent (now married with a kiddo) when I was 13. I’m not that loud! 
Once up on a time I couldn’t go to sleep without Tylenol PM and I don’t want to go back to that place :/ There are night when I can sleep 8 hours straight and others when I wake up to everything.
I get woken up by a dog shaking or getting up to go to the potty in the middle of the night threw my shut door, from my aunts room. Her text tones, email, or words with friends  sometimes can do it and other nights I don’t hear anything. Most of the time I just go right back to sleep. 

We have/had a critter living somewhere above my bed. I hear it shuffle from my room to above my bathroom multiple times per week and night. The Pest control guy has no idea what it is and there are no traces of anything. After an episode with a screaming animal and the pest control man once again saying nothing is up there I’ve decided its all in my head and maybe I was dreaming it. Or I’m going crazy 🙂 either are possible at this moment.

I’ve mention this to my g-ma and mom who both say exercise helps well much to their shock I’ve done 15-45 mins of psychical activity everyday since Sunday so its not that I’m just fat and lazy and sit at a desk all day but I can see how everyone jumps to this conclusion.

Another is Caffeine- I’m on day 18 with no Cokes and the only other caffeine I had was a small glass of herbal tea this weekend.

I’ve also tried counting sheep, counting back words, readings numbers ( this book of the bible usually puts me to sleep sadly), praying, white noise, moving around, and warm milk which is beyond disgusting.

Tonight I plan on, working out harder so my body will have to sleep and stay asleep (I know some of you are laughing at this thought), cleaning, de-cluttering, and rearranging my room.

If this doesn’t work then I guess I’ll have to find my old friend Tylenol Pm…

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