Its been a month….

I’m up too early for church so I figured I’d jot down some feelings since I seem to have to many these days.
Its been a month and a long one….
A month since I’ve had a Dr. Pepper or Coke!
A month since I found out my best friend was moving.
I’m not sure If I’ve lost any weight, and not sure if I feel better yet. Maybe I’ll notice this month, today will be my last sweet tea! I’m proud of myself for giving up something I love, actually in a way its 2 things l love and thought I would never not have in my life. oh well, Gods plans are way bigger than mine right?
My wonderful newly developed allergies are keeping me from my couch to 5k junk, but I’m still trying. I know a few people running a 10k today and they just inspire me.It just hurts to breath on top of my whole body screaming at me when I come down on the pavement. I had every intention of working on deep cleaning my room from top to bottom this weekend but only got about half way done. After Mowing the wet yard- I know why they say don’t now- I sat down to watch an episode of being human then get busy. That episode turned into 4, whooooops
When we got new computers at work my spotify disappeared, its been a while since I turned it on at home. Gosh Ive missed music! Im currently listening to the new Hillsong United Album and I can’t help but think back a few years ago sitting on my couch with Jordan and Casey praying I would get to experience something like that. I met with the pastor of the new church I’m trying in a hey get to know you explain our church thing. That night I realized that God can give me the same “family” I’ve been mourning from Hillsong. I miss the people I did life with. I miss going into the store and seeing people. It was easy to go from Snyder to Sydney because in a way it was still a “small town.” I now live in Austin and know hardly anyone. so its more of a shock.  I’m trying to get plugged in to the new church but Im not sure where God wants me. I’m not as confident and fun as I used to be so its going to take some time but I know I’m in the right place and on the right track. 

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