I’ve Moved!

I’ve been trying to write this for a week now!
I’ve MOVED!!

I now live in my own 1 bedroom apartment half a mile from my work!
I can walk in 11 mins and thats with a drink stop!
It was a total God thing the way it all went down, God said “here, have a Blessing Bomb”
With that being said still cound use prayers for a part time job or something to change in the mulah world:)

Lots of changes going on with me, new friends, new me, new medicine, losing friends, missing people, new goals, lots of junk!

I have 5 months before my first half marathon! I’ve been training some in the gym and hoping my 3 flights of stairs a day will add some ump… Because this is my blog and I can be honest I’ll tell you I’ve eaten crap, mostly because its cheaper ( until I get better at planning) and partly because somedays I don’t have the will power to not emotional eat- like this morning.  But I’m further than I was 8 months ago and that is key!

Worship is starting to itch at me again, the need to just be completely free in front of the Lord. To sing His praises at the top of my lungs and not care how it sounds, who hears, and if my flab is hanging out. I admitted to some folks that while I’m up there on Sunday that I don’t know why but I just can’t give all of myself. I did in worship off state on Sunday but all that came out was pure emotion and tons of tears. Maybe thats why I can’t on state. Anywhooo…. I’m learning, trying, praying, and growing in this area.

Like I said- lots of changes!
Hopefully blogging more and keeping you updated on my workouts will be one of them!!!

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